infinite’s new songs are both so vocal-oriented and it just goes to show how talented they all are let’s take a moment to bless their souls

btw myungsoo’s, sungjong’s and dongwoo’s voices in diamond/????


Anonymous: "i think the girl has a crush on myungsoo and sunggyu makes fun of her because of that"



idk i think myungsoo is like an insider of the red-hooded guys (the bad guys right?) and he wanted to kidnap the girl for ransom bc he knows $unggyu is a rich bitch so in order to do that he “befriended” sunggyu and his sister (isn’t the girl sunggyu’s sister?) but then they kinda grew on him and he started liking the girl and sunggyu and he was like no i have to stop this but it was too late the red-hooded guys had already kidnapped her. sunggyu is obviously dumbstruck when he finds out about this and now myungsoo has to earn sunggyu’s trust so he tells sunggyu to gather his friends (the rest of infinite) in order to save the girl and turn against his own gang (the red-hooded guys) who are like “what is myungsoo doing we thought he was with us this fucking punk” so they kick his ass hard ta-dah 

I feel like we watched very different MVs, I feel like you are confusing BAP’s oneshot that had similar themes to something that was supposed to be more friendship/family based. 

My thought process was that Myungsoo, Sunggyu, and Gyu’s sister grew up together and that the one room that they were in in the MV was a hang out spot that they had found when they were younger and made their own throughout the years. Gyu’s sister ends up getting a crush on Myungsoo Oppa, because she’s about 13-14 years old (The actress is only 13 at that and it was stated before the MV came out that the little girl was going to have a crush on Myungsoo, but it was going to be onesided.) and is trying to be seen as a woman instead of a little girl, hoping Myungsoo will notice. While Myungsoo just sees her as a little sister because he grew up with the two and sees them both as family. While Sunggyu knows that his sister has a crush, but that doesn’t stop him from being a little jealous when she ignores him for Myungsoo. However, it’s Myungsoo and Sunggyu’s not going to get angry at his friend for being someone that his kid sister ends up getting a crush on, especially since she’s only like 13 years old and doesn’t know what love is or anything like that, even though she states that she does. Never mind the fact that he knows that Myungsoo just sees her as a little sister and wouldn’t do something to her or to betray his trust. 

Either Myungsoo and Sunggyu fuck up somewhere down the line and Gyu’s sister is taken as collateral. So Sunggyu gets the gang together and they try to save his sister, because she is family and it would kill him if he didn’t get her back. And because Myungsoo views the two as family as well, he’s going to do his best to help and get Gyu’s sister back too. 

Then ending scene where Myungsoo is obviously pissed at the others for not only kidnapping a girl he sees as his little sister and is basically family to him, but has hurt Sunggyu as well, he’s out for blood. Only to get his ass handed to him as he fights, trying to save his little sister. Then final scene is the ultimate showdown between them and the rival gang in their fight to rescue Sunggyu’s sister, all of them coming together again in a joint effort to do that. 

makes sense yeah! but i’ve never even watched one shot before so what i said wasn’t based on that. however i feel like the mv is similar to bap’s bad man (i also haven’t watched that one but i saw gifs and it looks similar)

i watched one shot just now to see what you mean. story-wise though, i still don’t see how what i said is similar to one shot, apart from the fight scenes (that are also similar to lc9’s mama beat tbh)

Anonymous: "your theory makes a lot of sense it would be so cool if it were like that! i wish woollim gave an official explanation or else everyone just ends up having their own theories and it's a total chaos"

my thoughts exactly! the mv seriously leaves room for interpretation and what i said isn’t necessarily what it actually is but what i think it could be. i feel like it’s like those open-ended books, you are free to draw your own conclusions