what kind of pictures are we allowed to edit? i know we can't edit fan taken ones.

we can’t edit any pictures that have a restriction written below them like “do not edit/crop/remove watermark”. it’s mostly the case of fantaken pictures, but there are also some scans (pictures from scanned magazine issues) that have this restriction so we also shouldn’t edit those. however some people who scan images allow editing, but for the most part no fansites do. i also hear there’s a rule that forbids taking out/editing image content from the fancafe. so apart from those everything is okay to edit =)

what i look for in a boy

- puffy eyebags
- piercing black eyes
- tan skin
- Vshaped eyebrows
- perfect nose
- hot neck
- bony chest
- but broad shoulders and strong arms
- booty
- fashion sense
- dorky as hell
- kim myungsoo